My Life - My Legacy

Joyce Mills

I cannot praise highly enough the very professional efforts of Ian Hyslop and Rhonda Barnett. Their family documentation project is absolutely wonderful and at 90 years of age, I fully understand the importance of leaving behind something tangible for future generations.
My Life My Legacy is a new concept, but one can only wonder that it hasn’t been done at this professional level before.
Thankyou Ian and Rhonda for all you’ve done for me and my family – I strongly recommend you and your marvellous business – I know others will be as delighted as I am.

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Lang Walker & family

Our whole family was delighted with the results of My Life My Legacy - the DVD of Alex will live through the ages to show our grandchildren how the Walker clan began and grew to it's current position. When we saw the extent of effort and professionalism by Ian and Rhonda, we realised what excellent value for money it really is. We cannot recommend this concept highly enough.

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Doreen Cheong

I believe that My Life My Legacy is a beautiful way to retain treasured memories of our closest and dearest. The story is told in such a creative and professional way, while the historical and highly relevant pictorial inserts are used cleverly to add further depth to the theme. Ian Hyslop and his team treat their subject matter and the “stars” in such a highly sensitive way that it is a joy to participate.

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Lena & Tony Cansdale

We would like to thank you for the My Life My Legacy video production and to congratulate you on the admirable professionalism which has gone into its making. Ian's pleasant, easy interviewing style made the recording sessions most enjoyable and we reminisced about the "good old days" and even recalled the occasional hard times.

In fact, it was a surprisingly easy and relaxing day. We remembered our first meeting, our courtship under difficult circumstances and our life right through to our Golden Wedding Anniversary. The way you have woven the questions and answers into the video with stills from the family album and black and white footage from newsreels has produced a remarkable documentary. Very many thanks this is truly a video tribute for the archives!

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Janine Edmonds

Professional, courteous, compassionate – these are qualities which are abundantly on offer from Ian Hyslop & Rhonda Barnett at My Life My Legacy. As soon as they arrived at the front door their friendly approach put the whole family at ease. We're ALL absolutely thrilled with the final video product & know it's the greatest gift we can give future generations - a chance to get to know their Great, Great Grandparents & what very special people they were. Thankyou, My Life My Legacy.

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Douglas and Judi Hor

Our wonderful family has a great story to tell. My Life My Legacy helped us keep the story alive for future generations by mapping out the history, the achievements and sad times during Winter’s life with Francis and their boys. Of Chinese origin, Winter and his young bride came to Australia in the 1930’s and built a great life for his sons and now their families. Ian and Rhonda of My Life My Legacy were very professional, sensitive and caring throughout the project and the finished product is a truly moving experience.

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Peter Szekely

I was very much impressed with the quality of the work your company produced. A truly professional documentary about a life, a family and a heritage.

A very worthwhile investment.

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Maree Montgomery

What a wonderful concept to capture the intimate moments of our family’s journey. This previously untold story was brought to light so beautifully by My Life My Legacy producers and now will remain as our treasured documented history which might otherwise have been lost. It brought out many emotions and explained why the family is as close as it is and enhanced the understanding of love that will remain in the family forever.

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