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Q. Is there a standard cost?

A. No, each project is costed specifically and depends on various factors including the number of participants, the number of filming days required, the amount of stock footage that needs to be sourced and purchased, and the hours spent on the editing process. However, as the finished product is a very high quality and professional DVD/Video it is obviously not a ‘cheap and cheerful’ enterprise. It’s best to talk to a My Life My Legacy representative and establish the likely cost of your particular project.

Q. I’d like to do a tribute to my mother as part of our Video, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to remember all my words.

A. That’s not a problem – we can supply an autocue for the duration of the filming, which will enable you to read a pre-prepared ‘piece to camera’, and if it requires a few ‘takes’ to get it just right, that’s exactly what we’ll do!

Q. Our Managing Director is retiring shortly. Is it possible to organize a tribute to his many years of contribution to the company?

A. Certainly – we spend extensive time sourcing the essence of the person, in order to provide a video tribute that highlights his or her hard work and achievements and also recalls some of the humorous events that have helped to shape the culture of the organization.

Q. My Parents have a 50th Wedding Anniversary coming up – can we do a video as a surprise for the night?

A. It’s usually fairly difficult to do the video without the co-operation and knowledge of the major participants. It is possible to do a small tribute to show on the night as a separate exercise, but what we are often asked to do is have a camera crew film the event itself. This footage can then be incorporated into the final DVD/Video, which is completed with the assistance of your Parents.

Q. My Father has a rather heavy accent and I’m concerned he won’t be understood – is it possible to have sub-titles?

A. Yes, we can organize sub-titling of the DVD/Video if required – however our professional editors are very good at structuring the interviews in such a way that it makes people quite easy to understand, even with a strong accent. We can show you some great examples of this technique.

Q. How much research is done into my family and it’s history?

A. Ian conducts extensive initial interviews (in person and over the phone) with all suggested family, friends and work colleagues in order to gain a full knowledge and understanding of the subject/s, and accumulate anecdotes and stories that would otherwise be lost over time. If required, Rhonda can assist with any family research that is required to fill in the early history.

Q. What about the 'skeletons' we don't want mentioned?

A. We are most sensitive to our clients requirements and only include the moments that you want remembered. All our clients have the opportunity to view the 'work in progress' and request amendments before the video is finalised.

Q. How many copies do we receive?

A. You will automatically receive a DVD/Video for all immediate members of your family. Extra copies can be ordered at any time for a small additional fee.

Q. What can the video be used for?

A. Our products are designed for personal use only. Please advise if you require any vision for professional use or which may be viewed by the general public.

Q. How much lead time is generally required?

A. My Life My Legacy is usually able to react very quickly to most situations. At a minimum, usually a week or so is required in order to conduct the preliminary research and interviews and organise a professional camera crew prior to the filming day. However, if it needs to happen faster, we can usually oblige!

Q. Does it matter if I don't have any Video footage of my family?

A. Not at all - the My Life My Legacy crew will film any still photos and create the effect of moving film. However, if you do have any old movie footage (in any format), we can convert and include it in the final video product.

Q. What sort of items are required on the filming day?

A. There are no specific items absolutely necessary, but if you have any family photographs, albums or memorabilia that is significant to your family it would be great to include it in the filming. As we often do the filming in people's own homes it's usually not too difficult to source these items on the day, but if other members of the family have photos or items of interest it's a good idea to start collecting them well beforehand.

Q. Do I need the Hair/Makeup option.

A. No, it's not vital - some people are uncomfortable wearing makeup. The professional TV cameras will make you look the best you've ever looked anyway, but for a really special appearance, of course, a professional make-up and hair expert would be essential.

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