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Ian Hyslop

My Life My Legacy co-founder, Ian Hyslop, is a veteran of the Australian and international television journalism industry. Starting his career with the ABC, he has worked for more than 25 years as a news and current affairs reporter and overseas correspondent. For fifteen of those years Ian worked for Australia's Seven Network; posted in America as U.S correspondent (see video footage on Sample Video page) and also a roving International reporter for current affairs program, Today Tonight. Over his long career, Ian has interviewed a wide variety of high profile celebrities, politicians, actors, sportsmen and entertainers - names like Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Bob Hawke, John Howard, Paul Keating, Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford, Madonna, Billy Crystal, Steve Martin, Robin Williams, Tina Turner, Olivia Newton John, The Pope, Greg Norman, Carl Lewis and many more. In the mid 90s, Ian expanded his business interests to include Asia where he worked as a freelance reporter for BBC, NBC America, and ITV, London. He founded television production company, Hyasia in Taiwan, and continues to produce corporate videos, and documentary productions for the International market. He has a great talent for sourcing the best and most interesting stories from his interviewees while making them feel relaxed and confident in front of the camera. Ian will give all the tips and clues necessary to make the subject look his or her absolute best and believes that everyone has a wonderful story to tell!

Meet Ian Hyslop – excerpts from Channel 7 career. Sample Video Clip download

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Rhonda Barnett

Rhonda is co-founder of My Life My Legacy and has over 25 years corporate experience in senior positions. She is responsible for overall co-ordination, marketing, administration and finance as well as logistics, stylising and the co-writing of scripts. She researches all necessary stock vision and photographs and organises the enhancement and replication of your family photo album. Rhonda also has a long involvement in Family Research projects and can advise and assist in any requirements that clients may have in this regard.

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