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Family Histories

My Life My Legacy is a highly professional concept that records and preserves your Family story for future generations - the highlights and the sad times, the struggles and the successes – we include only the moments you want remembered. Your Family’s history is researched and videotaped, combining interviews, photographs, music, voice-over narration and archival video footage.

The venue can be in your Family home or we can arrange a studio or hotel environment with fabulous views or backdrop – whatever you wish! We can also arrange a total make-over - hair, make-up and nails so that you will look the best you’ve ever looked. We will assist you in presentation skills and guide you through a professional interview which is then edited to give the right emphasis on the highlights of your life – and believe us, it will be interesting!!

My Life My Legacy allows proud Family members to record and remember how the Family started. With our experience and production facility network around the world we can interview Family members in any location and bring together a truly professional product that will entertain, delight and inform.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you or that special someone in your life to become immortal and remain a ‘living memory’ through the ages.

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Retirement Tributes

My Life My Legacy specializes in Senior Management Retirement Tributes and Testimonials. We can turn your Retirement Dinner into a wonderful, amusing and highly informative event that will be remembered for years to come. This is a wonderful opportunity for you or that revered Company employee to become immortal and remain a ‘living memory’ in your corporation’s history. We can offer this service in any location in Australia and overseas.

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Video Wills

My Life My Legacy is able to produce Video Wills to inform and expand your written wishes in greater depth and detail. You can give your instructions in your own words and explain the reasoning behind your decisions if you wish. This is an excellent adjunct to your legal written Will and may help to ensure that your wishes are carried out without argument or litigation.

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Video Resumes

In today’s competitive and technologically advanced corporate world a mere written resume is perhaps not the best way to get that important executive position. Especially useful in applying for interstate and overseas positions, a Video Resume will allow your prospective employer the opportunity to view your attributes and style before your first appointment – and we’ll make sure you look good enough to gain that important first interview. We can offer this service anywhere in Australia or overseas. A Video Resume will give you an added edge over your competition!

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Corporate Videos

Our flexible approach to your corporate requirements ensure that whatever project is contemplated, you will receive the highest quality video production. My Life My Legacy can make your launch, testimonial, training video or any other video requirement reflect the professionalism that you demand and we can offer our services in any Australian or overseas location.

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